We’re pleased to present our El Camino Renewal Roadway Renewal Scoping Presentation. This narrated video presentation will guide you through helpful information about this project including details about the technical areas of study being considered during the environmental phase This three-part video is narrated by Caltrans subject matter experts.

Part 1 (0:00-): Rommel Pardo – Caltrans, Senior Project Manager 
Part 2 (7:48-): Adrienne St. John – Caltrans, Office of Landscape Architecture 
Part 3 (11:13-): Yolanda Rivas – Caltrans Senior Environmental Planner 

The information in the presentation is further explained in our project posters, which can be viewed at any time by clicking on the POSTERS link at the top of this page. The scoping comment period is now closed. This presentation will remain available for informational purposes.